Therapeutic Hoof Care

With Easycare’s line-up of flexible poly urethane shoes and boots we can provide constant protection to your horse’s hoof while still enjoying the health benefits of a barefoot horse. The revolutionary EasyShoes are designed to allow the hoof to expand and contract, both laterally and vertically- as nature intended. Poly urethane shoes offers maximum durability and protection in addition to dramatically reducing concussion on hard surfaces. We offer shoes that can be nailed to the hoof, glued to the hoof, or a combination of both. Our EasyShoe line includes Performance, Performance N/G, Sport, Compete and all Flex options.

Therapeutic shoes, tips and or boots are used to help transition horses from metal shoes to barefoot. Each horse’s transition is different. Some horses transition without incident and in a relatively short period of time, whilst other horses may take more time and need a higher

level of care.

The cost of any therapy/rehab work will be influenced by the type of intervention, the boots, shoes or application method required for the situation at hand. To get started, please email us.