Holiday Care

Need to go away on holiday and need someone and somewhere to leave your horses knowing that they will be well care for and looked after? This is the place for your horse.  We provide a holistic approach to horse care designed to meet the individual needs of your horse

Included in all holiday care:

  • We will rug and unrug as and if needed.
  • Two hard feeds a day.
  • Access to low sugar hay 24/7 in slow feeder nets.
  • Loop paddocks for horses needing to lose weight, either singly or in groups as required.
  • Fencing all electrified with standoffs.
  • Stabling and yarding if required.
  • Routine hoofcare maintained.
  • Grooming.

Cost – varies according to the size of the horse and level of care required. Please complete the form below for a quote.

Mini – Starting from $ 120 per week

Ponies – Galloways – Starting from $ 150 per week

Horses 15-16.2hh – Starting from $ 200 per week

Heavy breeds – Starting from $ 250 per week

Please download the agistment contract and either email completed or bring with you when you are dropping off your horse. Contract must be signed prior to horse being left on the property.