About the Barefoot Bloke

David Leigh, aka “The Barefoot Bloke” has had a lifetime of experience with horses and has attended many training clinics and conferences both locally and abroad. He is currently a full time Equine Podiotherapist and the owner of Glenroy Equine Rehabilitation Centre.

With David the horse always comes first. He is passionate about equine research and consistently supports this area.


BSc Equine Science (CSU)

Qualified EPT

Cert IV in Work Place Training and Assessment

Past President of the Australian Association of Equine Podiotherapists (AAEPT)

Lecturer at the ACEPT


Glenroy Equine Rehabilitation Centre

David and his wife Susan rehabilitate horses at their property in Goulburn, New South Wales for clients whose horses have distal limb/hoof pathologies. Some examples of the types of injuries and illnesses they can treat are negative palmar angles (this occurs when the solar aspect of the pedal bone has a negative angle to the ground – see image below) or laminitis. They have specialised stables with rubber flooring, loop paddocks and other facilities to help in the recovery process. They take a holistic approach to caring for their clients’ horses and cover all areas of environment, diet, nutrition and husbandry practices to create optimal conditions for recovery. Treatment is always tailored to the individual horse’s needs.