Know Hoof, Know Horse

The Barefoot Bloke

Helping educate the equine industry, owners, managers and enthusiasts, to help their horses grow and maintain the optimal, sound and fully functional hoof.

I’m David Leigh, The Barefoot Bloke, and my passion has always been for horses. As the saying goes “no hoof, no horse” is right on the button. Everything I do, professionally and personally, is to help others “know hoof” so they can “know horse”. It’s what drives me out of bed every morning and gives me purpose in this life. As a means to this end I am enthusiastic about sharing my over 40 years of equine experience and knowledge of hoof care with as many equine enthusiasts as possible! I welcome questions and curiosity about horses and hoof care – so please get in touch with me if you have anything you want to learn!

Glenroy Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitating a horse is an extremely emotional, difficult and stressful task. At Glenroy Equine Rehabilitation Centre we use our years of experience to give your horse the best care and rehab we can. We believe that every horse deserves the opportunity for a pain-free, useful life. We will always endeavour to achieve the best outcomes possible for your equine partner. 

Customers Reviews

My horse had been lame for 10 months - Dave has restored his soundness by gradually fixing the shape and angle of his hooves. He has been so happy to share his wealth of knowledge. Horses and their wellbeing is obviously his passion and I am very fortunate to have him caring for my boys hooves. I’m so grateful - thanks so much
Chrissi Robson
Dave is amazing he genuinely cares about each horse. Its not a job for dave he is as excited at my horses recovery as i am. My horse went from not wanting to take even a step because of the pain from laminitis to a horse that is now bucking and cantering around the paddock having the time of his life. All in 3 months !!! !!!!!!! So glad i didnt put him down like the vet said..... I did it for 8 months the vets way and he just got worse......
Karen Joyce
Dave is committed to the welfare of horses and their feet/ health and welbeing. Trims are professional and thorough - with a huge amount of respect for the horse - my boys love him. He is patient and always willing to gentle them with a kind word and settling stroke. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.
Sue Johnson