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Everyone needs a purpose. My passion has always been for horses, and what drives me to get out of bed every morning is the desire to make the world a better place for horses.  As a means to this end I wish to share my knowledge (Bsc Equine Science, Dip. Equine Podiotherapy, Cert. IV in Vocational training and assessment), and experience (in excess of 40 years) with as many horse enthusiasts as possible.  What better way than to harness (no pun intended) the power of social media to improve the lives of our equine partners.

I will endeavour to post a video every week covering an aspect of equine care.  These will be exclusive to Patreon subscribers.  I will continue to post free content on public forums in order to assist as many people as possible as not everyone can afford to help fund the production of videos.  Furthermore a large number of my current clients do not use Facebook for various reasons….. Enter Patreon.  For those who can help sponsor this project, I will make content available to patrons covering all manner of matters equine. Sponsors can also request that I produce content on matters of particular concern.  Please see the various tiers of sponsorship available.

The reason for raising funds through Patreon is to cover the cost of production of these educational videos.  If funds are sufficient I wish to arrange to interview people who are knowledgeable and suitably qualified in different aspects of the equine world, (eg. dentists, saddle fitters, etc).  (Please note that all content on my Patreon page is private and my copyright.  Therefore, please do not copy and repost, this material is for the sole use of Patrons. Unfortunately abuse of this trust will result in the offender being banned from the platform).  Net proceeds will then be allocated to equine research.

Please do not sponsor more than you can comfortably afford, any help is greatly appreciated… your horses still need feeding!

Thank you for contributing to the effort to improve the health, care and well-being of our equine partners!!!!!!

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