Rehabilitation Care

High level care for your equine friend, we take the best care possible for your sick pony or horse. (We specialise in all pathologies of the
equine distal limb, from laminitis, seedy toe, white line disease, thrush to negative palmar angles).

All rehabilitation care includes:

  • We will rug and unrug as and if needed.
  • Two hard feeds a day. (With any required medication).
  • Access to low sugar hay 24/7 in slow feeder nets.
  • Loop paddocks for horses needing to lose weight, either singly or in groups as required.
  • Fencing all electrified with standoffs.
  • Stables with rubber flooring, stone and sand yarding as required.
  • Specialised hoofcare as required.
  • Boots, pads and dental impression material, poly urethane shoes, or tips, used as required.
  • Grooming.

Cost – varies according to the size of the horse and level of care required. Please contact us for a quote.

Mini – Starting from $ 120 per week

Ponies – Galloways – Starting from $ 150 per week

Horses 15-16.2hh – Starting from $ 200 per week

Heavy breeds – Starting from $ 250 per week

Please contact us to discuss your horse’s rehabilitation

Tyrion, our resident therapy horse, keeps the sick horses company!