Laminitis and Other Pathologies


In this one day workshop, you will learn how to identify, treat and prevent laminitis and other pathologies.

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Learn how to prevent and rehabilitate laminitis and other common pathologies of the limb and hoof

This one day workshop will help you be able to identify, treat and prevent laminitis and other pathologies.

What will you learn?
You will learn:

  • Identify when something is not right with the distal limb
  • Assessing lameness
  • Isolating and identifying the problem
  • Deciding whether this is something that the owner can manage or whether professional intervention is required (vet, farrier or bodyworker)
  • Protocols for managing and resolving the problem going forward
  • Avoiding a repeat of the problem going forward

Who are these workshops for?
Horse owners who want to take charge of their own horse’s hoof care. Vets and farriers are also welcome to attend.

How do you participate?
The cost for the laminitis clinic is $150. The course includes a booklet covering all the theory which is done on the day. We also offer a variety of trimming tools for sale on the day.


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