Holistic Hoof and Horse


A complete mineral supplement meeting all the daily needs of the domestic horse. After many years of struggling to find a complete mineral supplement at a reasonable price, the Barefoot Bloke formulated a supplement following extensive research. The results are self explanatory.

Taking equine health to the next level

For optimum results should be fed in conjunction with a high roughage and fibre diet low in non-structural carbohydrates.

2.5kg bag


Ingredient (daily serve 500kg horse)

Lysine – 23g
Methionine – 12g
MSM – 15g
Threonine – 5g
Pyridoxine – 200mg
Copper – 300mg
Zinc – 900mg
Niacin – 60mg
Thiamin – 45mg
Biotin – 20mg


55g per 500kg horse (scoop included). Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Add to daily hard feed.

Start this product slowly introducing it to your horse’s hard feed over 7 – 10 days.

Results are achieved with consistent, long-term use.

Please store in an airtight container

*** For animal use only ***

Suggested Diet
Hard ration: Iodised salt (approx. 1 Tablespoon daily, adjusted for temperature and workload), Magnesium Chloride (MgCl, approx. 1 Tablespoon daily, adjusted to suit individual horse).
Half a cup of freshly ground flax seed, speedy beet, oaten chaff, lucerne chaff, if needed a small quantity of Hygain Zero. (See my online video platform for further explanations on feeding).
Bulk: Low sugar hay, suggest Teff or Rhodes. A biscuit of Lucerne hay daily (to counter the oxylates in the hay/pasture). Total weight of forage should be approx. 2% of body weight. (hay plus pasture). Remember healthy horses need adequate movement, approx. 20kms daily.


Weight 2.5 kg



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