See the progress of some of the horses and ponies Dave has treated for a range of conditions.
  • Jaytee, 22 year old Arab cross, laminitis
  • Grey pony with severely overgrown hooves
  • A thoroughbred transitioning from shod to barefoot
  • a 24 year old standardbred, left alone in a paddock for 12 years


Jaytee is an Arab cross, about 22 years old.

Dave was called to attend Jaytee by his owner who claimed he had had a bout of laminitis aprox 3 weeks prior. When he arrived the horse was in the expected "laminitis" stance and would not move.

The owner requested that Dave take the horse to his property to attempt to rehabilitate him. This was on 11th July. They had to dismantle the paddock fence to get the float as close to the horse as possible as he refused to move at all.

On arrival at Dave's, Jaytee was given Phenylbutazone and booted on all four feet.

On first inspection the following morning, Jaytee was laying down and refused to rise. Dave initially had trim Jaytee while he was on the ground.

Jaytee on 12th July

Prior to trimming


After trimming


Immediately Jaytee was taken off all sugar, and placed on to a laminitis diet, which primarily consisted of Rhodes grass. He was booted on all four hooves.

An on-going daily regime was put in place where he had his hooves booted during the day and in the evenings his boots were removed and he was turned out in the deep soft dressage arena.

Every few days his hooves were soaked in Epsom salts before being booted. His hooves were trimmed on a weekly basis.

It was discovered that Jaytee's soles and frogs were displaying signs of necrosis and over time the soles and frogs exfoliated. This led Dave to believe that Jaytee had probably been suffering with laminitis for some time before it was discovered - this is because as the pedal bone rotates, the dorsal edge presses down and impinges the blood flow, which can cause necrosis.

At this point Rx therapy boots and BFB 1 inch pads were used. Jaytee's feet were soaked, cleaned and dressed on a daily basis with Manuka honey, baby nappies and then booted.

Exfoliating soles, soaking, disinfecting with iodine and applying Manuka honey and a nappy were all part of Jaytee's treatment


Gradually new soles thickened and Jaytee was moving more comfortably. The laminitic portion of the hoof grew out and more sections of the sole exfoliated.


Throughout the recovery process Jaytee's hooves were frequently trimmed to keep the hoof wall off the ground to minimise the sheering forces (tearing) of the lamina from the internal structures. 

He was taken off Phenylbutazone and put on a herbal substitute, Laminitis Mix from Horsetail Herbs in Tasmania, to avoid the adverse effects that using Phenylbutazone long term can have on the gastro-intestinal tract.

Jaytee on December 2011

Jaytee continues to improve but will need constant care going forward with an owner well versed in dealing with laminitic prone horses.

Severely overgrown hooves

Before trimming

A dramatic improvement after just one trim


Transitioning from shod to barefoot under Dave's care 




A 24 year old standie, rescued from being alone for the previous 12 years in a paddock.

His feet when he was rescued 

After a trim by Dave at his rescuer's request